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Self-esteem is how you think about yourself, how much you appreciate yourself, how you feel about the negative and positive evaluation of yourself, and of course, what you think of yourself.  Psychologically, self-esteem is your overall sense of value or personal worth. You can either have healthy self-esteem or low self-esteem, which can eventually influence your life, mental health, and motivation. Factors that influence self-esteem Personality Age Genetics Health ( Serious illness and Physical disabilities) People’s reaction to you Your … Continue reading “HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SELF-ESTEEM”


Posted on October 5, 2020April 13, 2021Categories Blog 10 Comments on HOW YOUR SLEEPING POSITION AFFECTS YOUR HEALTH

Sleep is the golden chain that ties your health and bodies together. Adequate sleep is an important component of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and makes you feel better.  Basically, Sleep is the process of restoration, memory consolidation and the renewal of your body. Apparently, sleep is so important to us and it is inevitable. And we all have our favourite sleeping positions. In other words, your sleeping positions may have an impact on your … Continue reading “HOW YOUR SLEEPING POSITION AFFECTS YOUR HEALTH”


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As a human we all experiences Stress to some degree. From work related, career, family, financial pressures and relationships. Stress is inevitable but it can effectively be managed. In other words, the way we respond to stress can make a big difference to our well-being. What is STRESS? Stress is your body’s reaction to any kind of demand or threat. It is how your body responds to pressures from situations or life events (such as traumatic events), challenges. It is … Continue reading “WAYS ON HOW TO RELIEVE STRESS”


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Everyone is born with a fingerprint. And no two fingerprints are exactly alike, even identical twins have different fingerprints. WHAT ARE FINGERPRINTS? Fingerprints are unique tiny friction ridges that appear on our fingertips, thumbs, toes, palms, and soles. Fingerprints are very much unique to every individual. How are they formed? It is so fascinating to know that fingerprints are formed in the womb right before when we were born and when we were a fetus in the womb. Apparently, each … Continue reading “INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT FINGERPRINTS”


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Oh yes, Depression is a vulture that will make anyone its prey. A heartless monster that destroys both the heart and soul, and tortures without mercy, consuming its victim whole. Depression is not just about spending a few days feeling sad or unhappy; it is more than just a bad mood. Depression can make you feel persistently sad and down for weeks or months or couple of years at a time. Hence, depression is a serious mental illness that negatively … Continue reading “IS DEPRESSION REALLY THE ENEMY?”


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Sleep is without doubt a necessity in your body. It plays a vital role in your body functions. It is an incredible and essential requirement to maintaining a good mental, physical health and wellbeing. But unfortunately, Insomnia has virtually affected our health. What is INSOMNIA? Insomnia refers to a sleep disorder. It is a condition that makes falling asleep or staying asleep at night difficult. An individual having a sleepless night is affected by Insomnia. It can reduce one’s energy … Continue reading “INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT INSOMNIA”